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18th June 2009

ashwastes12:59pm: Necromunda campaign blog

Hey everyone,

The ashwastes crew are currently writing a blog for our new campaign:  Hive Zero.  We are posting the campaign guidelines and rules, gang profiles (currently orlocks and squats), battle reports and useful links to stuff that we use or find on the web.  We also have loads of photos up showing our models, conversions and games, and are looking for readers to comment and let us know how they think its working.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!

The Ashwastes crew

10th November 2007

paulbibeau7:32am: Vampires, LARPing, Dracula, funnel cake…
 It's all in my funny book about Dracula and vampires in history and culture -- Sundays with Vlad (www.vladlives.com ).  I go LARPing in Louisville with the Cam, and I give the story a funny but respectful treatment, while completely outing myself as a "Friend of Gygax."  We also learn how Vlad Dracula may have been meaner and crazier than Courtney Love during an intervention... but the guy was smeared.

Check out the book, or come by my blog and say hello (http://paulbibeau.livejournal.com).

25th October 2007

fireheart3:03pm: Phoenix Games Fifth Anniversary
Phoenix Fifth Anniversary
November 2nd to November 4th

Phoenix Games has survived five years in the treacherous waters of the gaming industry, and it's time to celebrate. Our Anniversary is always a great event and this year is no exception.

Anniversary Overnight
The celebration kicks off with an all night celebration of gaming. We have Paranoia XP running from 6:00 to 10:00. New players are welcome and characters will be provided. At midnight, we will host a 3.5 D&D Gladiator Tournament. Players will create a 12th level character (within specific limitations to be provided at event) and fight a single elimination tournament to see who is supreme.

Free pizza will be provided in the evening, and survivors in the morning will find free donuts, and maybe even coffee.

Saturday and Sunday, we'll be playing some heavier games with Diplomacy on Saturday and Twilight Imperium Sunday. Signups for both games are available in the store.

Of course, we always have our collection of over 100 open board games available for play throughout the weekend.

Friday, November 2
6:00 PM - Paranoia XP
Midnight - Gladiator D&D Tournament

Saturday, November 3
2:00 PM - Diplomacy

Sunday, November 4
3:00 PM - Twilight Imperium

Phoenix Games of Sunderland is located on route 116 in the Squire Village Shops between Frontier Pizza and 7-11. It can be reached by bus on the Sunderland bus (route 31) which stops in the center of UMass campus.
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6th July 2007

fireheart5:05pm: Phoenix Games: We Need Your Money So You Should Buy More Stuff Sale
At Phoenix Games we have decided to adopt an entirely new business strategy... paying bills! Much to our surprise, this innovative new strategy requires us to actually have money. (We tried paying with games, but they just sent them back. I guess big corporate people are too lame for games.) So, we need your help to convert our games into money. To ease in the process, we have discounted items throughout the store. Dozens of items are marked down as much as 70%.

Come on down, and trade that boring, dirty money for fun, exciting games!

This sale runs now through Sunday, July 8th, so get a move on.

For those of you not aware, Phoenix Games is a community center, hang out, game store, and more located in Sunderland on route 116 in front of Squire Village.

27th March 2007

then_rob_said3:36pm: Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice!
Just want to let everyone know that Modern Myths will not be vending at Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice. Also, Pre-registration ends on April 1st. Make sure you get a sheet filled out and turned in, as it will save you money! Pre-registration rates are $7 for students and $10 for Non-Students. Game Master Applications and Pre-registration sheets can be located at x-9 Games, Phoenix Games, Griffin Games, Modern Myths and the GHL office at 423A in the Umass Student Union. I can also e-mail people those sheets. If you want to run any type of game at Ourcon, fill out a GM application. If you run one game, you get half off your admission. If you run two games, then you get in free. We are looking for all types of games, from role-playing games, to board games and card games. If you want to run something, let us know and we can make it happen.
-Rob Hagelstein

11th February 2007

fireheart3:35pm: Vote Phoenix!
Every year, the Valley Advocate does a "Best of the Valley." This year, I intend for us to appear in it. For that, I need your help. Please go to http://www.valleyadvocate.com and cast the following votes:

Local Festival: Pi-Con
Comic Book Store: Phoenix Games, Sunderland (Yeah, I know, but there's nothing closer)
Independent Book Store: Phoenix Games, Sunderland
Dating Service: Phoenix Games, Sunderland (How many relationships started here?)

On all the rest feel free to vote however you like.

Voting ends 2/14, so vote early and often.
fireheart2:41pm: Metageek Music

Metageek Music is here

Inspired by the tremendously successful Get Your Geek On down at Mount Holyoke this past Friday, I have started a podcast of geek music. There is music by Weird Al, Voltaire, Steven Lynch, Joss Whedon and more. It's a half hour of great music and good times.

The episode can be downloaded at this link right here.

For all Metageek episodes including Metageek Music and Metageekcast, you can visit www.metageekcast.com.

7th February 2007

born_from_dream9:24pm: In an age of Legends...
    Good evening, all.  I was hoping you could help me.  I am itching to run a game set in Ancient Greece, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any settings our source books that may be of use.  I was thinking, at bequest of a friend, to try the D6 system, but if anyone else knows anything that may help, I would be very  grateful.

Keep on Rolling!

5th February 2007

fireheart8:11pm: Dutch Blitz Tournament

Sunday, February 25th, 4:00 PM

Dutch Blitz is an awesome real time card game where victory goes to the fastest hands. Phoenix Games will be hosting its first ever Dutch Blitz tournament where you can win $25 in cash as well as other great prizes.

Entrance is only $3. Competition will start at 4:30, but you should come early to warm up.

Even if you've never played before, you can come early, and we'll teach you. Dutch Blitz is about speed, so after a game or two, you'll be playing like you've played all your life.

31st March 2007

then_rob_said10:21am: Modern Myths
An update on Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice.

Modern Myths has signed up to be a vendor for Ourcon this year! You can pick up gm apps and pre-reg forms there as well. Please refer to the livejournal group "umassghl" or the facebook "ghl" group for more updates.


30th March 2007

then_rob_said10:15pm: Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice!
Hello Everyone!

This is a ubiquitous message being posted all around the internet to let people that “Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice” at Umass Amherst for 2007 is happening!

My name is Robert Hagelstein, and I am the GHL Vice President for 2006-2007. I have been going around to stores inviting vendors to sell at Ourcon. Some people are under the impression that Ourcon was cancelled. These are slanderous lies! Let me make it more clear.


Ourcon 17 is happening, and it is happening the 1st Weekend of May. Let me break it down for you.


May 4th-6th, 2007


Umass Amherst Campus Center Basement

Not only that, but we are doing pre-registration! That’s right! Here’s the Regular door prices:

$10 Students
$15 Non-students

But with Pre-registering, you save money!

$7 Students
$10 Non-Students

You can also register for an optional barbeque dinner for Saturday night! The Dinner will include Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Salads, brownies, and so forth! Vegetarian options are available! Prices for that are $5 Students and $7 Non-students.

Now where do you get Ourcon Pre-registration forms? I’m glad you asked! You can pick up Ourcon registration forms at the GHL office in the Student Union on Campus. Our office is 423A on the second floor, right across from the SGA office. As of this message, pre-registration forms are also available at X-9 Games, Phoenix Games, and Griffon Games. You can return completed forms to the GHL office, or at any of those gaming locations!

Those same locations have GM applications for anyone who wants to run a game! Those forms are good for any type of game, be it a RPG, board game, card game, mini game, etc. GM applications can be dropped off there as well.

The GHL also has several online mediums. We have a Facebook entitled “GHL”, and a livejournal community entitled “Umassghl”. Information will be posted there as well.

If anyone has any questions regarding Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice, I can be reached at then_rob_said@hotmail.com.

28th November 2006

fireheart2:40pm: Great Gift Ideas
If you are like most people, you would rather shop at local, privately owned stores than fight the crowds and surly salespeople at the mall, but who has time to travel from store to store to get something for everyone on your list.

The simple solution is to find one locally owned store that has gifts for everyone on your list. That store is Phoenix Games. You may think that Phoenix Games only has products for the hard core gamer, but it's just not true. While they do have everything for the gaming enthusiast, Phoenix Games also carries numerous items which would make great gifts for casual gamers, and even non-gamers. Behind the cut are ten great gift ideas.

Even better, all season, Phoenix Games will be running a buy two, get one half off deal. That is sure to take some of the sting out of holiday shopping for you.

Phoenix Games is easy to get to, right on 116 in Sunderland, with plenty of parking. It's open from 2 PM to 9 PM, everyday until Christmas Eve.

For more information, you can visit the Phoenix Games web site.
Click here for 10 great gift ideasCollapse )

2nd November 2006

fireheart9:34pm: Phoenix Games Anniversary Overnight
Friday, November 3rd, all night, Phoenix Games is celebrating our fourth anniversary.

The Anniversary is always a great time, and this year is no exception. There will, of course, be games of all kinds including Paranoia, Twister, an piles of board and card games. There will also be food, movies, video games, and more.

The event is free and will be running all night, so come by any time you like. See you there.

24th September 2006

fireheart3:43pm: Sale

What you see above is a pile of money. I use it to get your attention because Phoenix Games is having a sale in which you can save a pile of money. You get 10% off everything in the store. D&D books are 15% off. GURPS is 20% off. All novels are 20% off. Some games are as much as 70% off. When I say pile of money, I'm not kidding! But you only have until Tuesday, because after that, it's too late, and you missed out.

22nd September 2006

fireheart1:59pm: Phoenix Games Sale
We got a huge new box of demoes sent to us by Z-Man Games and Rio Grande Games. They are great games, and there are a lot of them. So many, in fact, that we have run out of room on our demo rack. The solution to this is to sell some of the older demo games. Why stop there? Our stock shelves are pretty crowded as well. Let's clear some of those out as well. We will be having a sale through Tuesday in which almost everything in the store is 10%-70% off. Phoenix Games does not have sales often, so this is one you definitely do not want to miss!

Phoenix Games is in the 7-11 Plaza on 116 in Sunderland, right in front of Squire Village. You can also reach it using the Route 31 Sunderland bus. We're right across from the Cliffside stop.

For more info on the store, visit http://www.phoenixgamestore.com

14th September 2006

sweetdelights11:46am: Wii release date and price! OFFICIAL!
Here is the official release date and price straight from Nintendo's latest press release:
Nintendo's Incomparable Wii Console Launches Nov. 19; MSRP $249.99.

Finally, official word on the Wii. We can all breathe now. :)

24th August 2006

sweetdelights9:07am: Nintendo Launches New DS Lite Colors - Available 9/13/06
Nintendo of America announced two new colors for its hot-selling Nintendo DS Lite portable video game system. Coral Pink and Onyx (black) will be available in the United States on Sept. 13.

Announced today, details here.
sweetdelights8:57am: Microsoft Delivers More Fun, More Experiences and More Choices
Playable Games, Demonstrations, and Exclusive Announcements for Xbox 360 and Games for Windows Take Over the Games Convention..

Very detailed announcement here.

15th August 2006

sweetdelights7:59am: 'Get Your Game On' Contest for Gamers
Announced yesterday --

Grand Prize includes: (1) $1,000 Cash Prize, (1) Custom Built **Windows
Server(TM) 2003 Server (Dual AMD Opteron Processor 1.8 GHz) reconfigured
for games, (10) One Year licenses of Titanium 2006 Antivirus + Antispyware.
Weekly Prizes include: (4) Geforce 7600GT 256MB 128-bit Video Card, (4) One
Year licenses of Platinum 2006 Internet Security.

Click here for details.

14th August 2006

sweetdelights3:02pm: 5 Captains to be voice talent for Star Trek: Legacy
Just announced today! 5 Star Trek captains will reprise their roles in Star Trek: Legacy...

Full details here.
sweetdelights9:11am: Microsoft Invites the World to Create Its Own Xbox 360 Console Games for the First Time
Finally, an opportunity for the average Joe to design a game for the esteemed Xbox 360.

Click for the announcement that came out today!

8th August 2006

sweetdelights5:34pm: Sierra Announces F.E.A.R. Combat
Just announced today:
F.E.A.R. Multiplayer to Be Made Available for Free!

Click here for details.

4th August 2006

sweetdelights3:06am: Ubisoft announces 7 Wii launch titles!
Passing along this announcement that came out yesterday!

More Video Game Titles for the Revolutionary New Console on the Way in 2007

Click here for titles and more details.
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