Michael (fireheart) wrote in gamercentral,

Phoenix Games: We Need Your Money So You Should Buy More Stuff Sale

At Phoenix Games we have decided to adopt an entirely new business strategy... paying bills! Much to our surprise, this innovative new strategy requires us to actually have money. (We tried paying with games, but they just sent them back. I guess big corporate people are too lame for games.) So, we need your help to convert our games into money. To ease in the process, we have discounted items throughout the store. Dozens of items are marked down as much as 70%.

Come on down, and trade that boring, dirty money for fun, exciting games!

This sale runs now through Sunday, July 8th, so get a move on.

For those of you not aware, Phoenix Games is a community center, hang out, game store, and more located in Sunderland on route 116 in front of Squire Village.
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