Rob Hagelstein (then_rob_said) wrote in gamercentral,
Rob Hagelstein

Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice!

Hello Everyone!

This is a ubiquitous message being posted all around the internet to let people that “Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice” at Umass Amherst for 2007 is happening!

My name is Robert Hagelstein, and I am the GHL Vice President for 2006-2007. I have been going around to stores inviting vendors to sell at Ourcon. Some people are under the impression that Ourcon was cancelled. These are slanderous lies! Let me make it more clear.


Ourcon 17 is happening, and it is happening the 1st Weekend of May. Let me break it down for you.


May 4th-6th, 2007


Umass Amherst Campus Center Basement

Not only that, but we are doing pre-registration! That’s right! Here’s the Regular door prices:

$10 Students
$15 Non-students

But with Pre-registering, you save money!

$7 Students
$10 Non-Students

You can also register for an optional barbeque dinner for Saturday night! The Dinner will include Hamburgers, Hot dogs, Salads, brownies, and so forth! Vegetarian options are available! Prices for that are $5 Students and $7 Non-students.

Now where do you get Ourcon Pre-registration forms? I’m glad you asked! You can pick up Ourcon registration forms at the GHL office in the Student Union on Campus. Our office is 423A on the second floor, right across from the SGA office. As of this message, pre-registration forms are also available at X-9 Games, Phoenix Games, and Griffon Games. You can return completed forms to the GHL office, or at any of those gaming locations!

Those same locations have GM applications for anyone who wants to run a game! Those forms are good for any type of game, be it a RPG, board game, card game, mini game, etc. GM applications can be dropped off there as well.

The GHL also has several online mediums. We have a Facebook entitled “GHL”, and a livejournal community entitled “Umassghl”. Information will be posted there as well.

If anyone has any questions regarding Ourcon 17: Tyranny of the Dice, I can be reached at
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